Electronic Cigarettes – E-juice and Vapor with NO Smoke

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Electronic cigarette devices are genius; utilizing vapor technology to deliver the same smoking sensation without the chemicals, carcinogens and smoke that a traditional cigarette contains. These new e-cigs use e-juice and then an atomizer which vapes the e-liquid into a cloud of tasty vapor, with or without nicotine.buy e-cigarettes

The ingredients in e-juice are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavor. The best e-juice uses natural flavors like real cinnamon, vanilla and nut extracts. Some of these e-liquids are artisan and gourmet. Many people love the large choices in flavors; as they can not only select that, but even tailor their PG:VG ratios, further customizing their vaping experience.
While some people use vaporizers, many prefer traditional electronic cigarettes; which uses the same e-juice that the more modern VTM vaporizers use, except that instead of filling the vaporizer manually, the E-Cig has filler inside the mouthpiece which is saturated with the same e-juice and is activated just by puffing on the E-Cig’s mouthpiece.

Some electronic cigarettes are designed to exactly mimic cigarettes, usually smaller with a squishy mouthpiece instead of being engineered to look like a pen (these E-Cigs still look like cigarettes though they are usually slightly larger and heavier than traditional cigarettes). These types of e-cigs are called cig-a-likes and though they look and feel more real, generally do not last as long as the regular electronic cigarettes.

There has been much debate over the effectiveness of E-Cigs in reference to quitting smoking. While many advocated praise them, many feel that it is too soon to label them as safe, as not enough research has been conducted. Currently, the FDA does not endorse E-Cigs as smoking cessation devices, though they are considering them and currently researching them.

One aspect that certain advocates voice concern over are the specific ingredients in the e-juice. Because E-cigs are not yet regulated, many companies do not disclose their ingredients; leaving some who are interested in the vapor technology uneasy. In the initial testing conducted by the FDA, trace elements were found in E-Cigs. This was years ago, and since then, many USA companies are making their own E-Juice and following strict protocol to ensure purity and safety. Many of these companies disclose on their sites that they are ready for the FDA, as all ingredients used in their e-liquids are on the FEMAS list and approved for consumption.

Finding the best supplier of e-juice isn’t as tricky as many would think. The best way to find the best e-liquid is to read reviews, talk to others (such as ECF, or Electronic Cigarette Forum) and research the website. Reputable e-liquid companies shine and have reviews and certificates to demonstrate their excellence. It is also helpful to read the website’s customer satisfaction page, as it will yield many answers to questions which would indicate whether the brand is reputable or not.

Other variations in the new E-Cig revolution include electronic hookah pens, which are very similar to e-cigs and also use this same e-juice blend to deliver a smoking experience without smoke. Generally, E-Hookah pens are longer than electronic cigarettes, are disposable and produce the most vapor. They also utilize the same technology, including the same blends of e-liquids. Usually though, these blends are fruity and even taste of Shisha. Another difference between E-hookahs and E-Cigs are their ratios, whereas E-Hookahs draw more vapor and usually have less propylene glycol and more vegetable glycerin, ultimately making huge vapor clouds full of delicious flavor propelled by the e-juice and internal atomizer.

Finding the best e-juice brand will be easier when the FDA fully regulates electronic cigarettes, but until then, the best e-liquid blends are made in the USA and list their qualifications, procedures and missions. Regardless, what is best is not always best for everyone, so doing a little research can go a long way.

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E-Cigarettes & Liquids: Try the Amazing Flavors

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You will often discover that you start off with the generic tobacco flavors when you initially make the switch from “real” cigarettes to the electronic cigarettes. You want something that will imitate the taste of smoking, the art of smoking and the feel of smoking – that’s the sole thing that makes the quitting smoking process much simpler with an e-cig, isn’t it?e-cigarettes

It doesn’t matter how much of a die-hard smoker you are, after a while you are going to desire to play around with flavors. See, you’ll begin with the generic tobacco flavors and after a while you will like to try your hand at flavors like vanilla, cherry, mint and coffee.

These are “safe” flavors – you pretty much recognize what you can expect. Shortly after this, you are going to wish for delving a little bit further into the world of e-cigarette flavors. You’ll eventually start mixing and matching your e-liquids to formulate new flavors, and you’ll start trying things you never believe you would try before.

It begs the query – why bother with the flavors? If all you desire to do is quit smoking, just get on with the general tobacco flavors and get it done. Well ladies and gentlemen; it certainly doesn’t work like that. Picking a different flavor gives a break from the habit.

Once you switch from tobacco to another flavor, whether it is spicy, fruity warm, cold or icy, you will find that you seldom go back to the tobacco flavor. It makes it pretty easier to quit. You’ve not only taken away the “real” cigarette and reinstated it with an electronic cigarette; you have taken away the tobacco smell and taste.

Once you switch from tobacco to the other flavors, if you try and have a “real cigarette, you will discover that it tastes like the nastiest thing you have ever had in your mouth. It makes your quitting easier and gives you additional protection against slipping back into the world of “real” smoking. Breaking away from the habit in this approach is a really a sensible idea and ecigyou will see what we are actually trying to say when you try it for yourself.

Let’s be frank about this – there is nothing good about the way that the habit of smoking smells or tastes. Smoking sucks – the taste of the traditional cigarettes that you are smoking sucks! However, the flavors taste great and are always a preeminent choice. There is a plethora of benefits to be had from experimenting with the improved flavors with your e-cigarettes. You will never get fed up of it since there will be always a new flavor to try.

However, if you don’t like one, you need not to panic; and you can simply try another one. There is a flavor to suit every occasion and mood and with more and more companies providing e-liquid, and even the likes of the e-cig companies themselves like E- Cigarettes Marketplace, you will certainly never run out of options. So, live a little more and try a new, innovative flavor today.

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